Start of marathon season proves a success for CoSARC runners

Marathon season got off to a great start for CoSARC’s runners.

London Marathon

The frequent showers didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the 48,451 runners who finished the gruelling 26.2 miles of the London Marathon at the end of April.

CoSARC’s runners at the event were:

● Will Pannell 2:35:37;
● James Mills 2:49:05;
● Matt Bosworth 2:59:02;
● Charlotte Ingram 3:09:54;
● Vicky Haselgrove (WISEMAN) 3:12:58;
● Angus Paton 3:16:29;
● Anna Patrickson 3:17:06;
● Catherine Morgan 3:34:33;
● Katie Clements 3:42:47;
● Zoe Lambard 3:46:35;
● Heather Hitchens 4:12:40;
● Esther Horwood 4:44:08;
● Jenna Richmond 4:51:51;
● Vic Martin 4:59:06;
● Millie Braine 5:04:40;
● Petra Oyston 5:50:51.

Newport Marathon

The constant drizzle wasn’t enough to distract the runners during the recent Newport Marathon.
CoSARC finishers were:

● Richard Larcombe 3:17:07;
● Richard Davidson 3:43:25;
● Charlotte Boardman 3:43:25;
● Shelly Tolcher 4:51:12 (Shelly’s first marathon);
● Kathy Cotter 4:51:12 (also Kathy’s first marathon);
● Lisa Phaure 5:26:55.

Vienna City Marathon

Harry Pannell ran a superb race to finish in 2:52:34 in the Vienna City Marathon.

Figsbury 5k

In the recent Figsbury 5K Challenge, runners had to go from the back of Winterbourne Earls Primary School, up the hill to Figsbury Iron Age Hill Fort, do two laps of Figsbury Rings and charge back down to the school.

It was an overcast day, with threats of rain and the cool temperature was ideal for the runners.

The top three places were taken by CoSARC U15 Boys: In first place was Freddie Bosworth, second went to James Gabriel, with Art Mitchell in third place.


A number of CoSARC runners did very well at recent Parkruns when they bagged themselves personal best times, with junior runner Stanley Stuart managing personal bests at both local Parkruns.

CoSARC runners at Salisbury Parkrun were:

● Charlie Coles 17:25;
● Andy Budgell 20:26;
● Stanley Stuart 22:07.

While at Churchill Gardens Junior Parkrun, the speedsters were Magena Lovatt-Williams 8:09 and Stanley Stuart 8:47.

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