Summer Solstice parking restrictions in Avebury announced

PARKING restrictions will be in force in Avebury for the upcoming Summer Solstice.

Wiltshire Council has announced plans to ‘safeguard’ the Avebury area, a World Heritage Site.

The Ridgeway, at Overton Hill, will be closed to vehicular traffic from Wednesday, June 14 until Friday, June 23, from the junction with the A4 northwards to the junction with Byway AVEB5.

It will include the car park area just off of the A4.

The Ridgeway north of AVEB5 to near Hackpen Hill is currently closed to vehicles.

In addition to the closure of the Ridgeway, the High Street in Avebury will be closed to all vehicles, other than for residents, from 6am on June 20 until noon on June 22.

Additional ‘No Waiting’ restrictions will be implemented from 6am on June 19 until noon on June 22.

All vehicles parked illegally will be towed away.

The council said the closures and restrictions were put in place for last year’s Solstice and follow consultation with Avebury Parish Council and The National Trust, following concerns raised and to mitigate the risk of damage to the landscape within the World Heritage Site.

Cllr Caroline Thomas, cabinet member for transport said: “Avebury is a beautiful area with World Heritage Status, and therefore it’s so important to protect and preserve it for generations to come. With that in mind, we still want people to be able to attend the site safely to enjoy the Summer Solstice.

“As last year, and after agreeing with both The National Trust and Avebury Parish Council that it was a suitable arrangement, we have again decided to close The Ridgeway between June 14 and 23.

“This should help alleviate any concerns about the risk of damage to the landscape within the site and also help to ensure Solstice celebrations can be managed safely.

“Anyone planning on visiting Avebury for the Summer Solstice should take note of these important restrictions and plan their celebrations appropriately.”

For more details on plans for the Summer Solstice, visit

Meanwhile, English Heritage will be showing a live stream of the sunset and sunrise at Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice. For more information, see

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