When you really have faith in your business plan

Words and photo by Tristan Ovington
The people of Salisbury have many ways of practising their faith. Some believers, like 24-year-old founder of Faith & Clo, Chloe Sandler, do this by starting a business.
Chloe makes greetings cards, prints, gifts and other items decorated with her beautiful watercolour paintings combined with verses from the Bible.
“I started Faith & Clo in June 2022,” explains Chloe. “The Clo part refers to my name but is also a pun on the ‘& Co’ in many company’s titles. My Christian faith is very important to me and this is symbolised by the ‘Faith’ in my company name.
“God has helped me through some really dark times recently, so I wanted to spread the light and joy I have found to others, which was part of my motivation to start the business.
“I have a lot of Christian customers who buy my products as they enjoy the uplifting messages I put on my items, like verses on my tea towels. People have told me it was lovely to be reminded of certain verses from the Bible.
“A family I know at the moment are struggling in very cramped accommodation but their mum bought a tea towel that said, ‘But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord’, which they said helps them realise whatever their situation, serving God is the important act for them.”
Another influence on Chloe’s product choices is her late grandmother, Mary. “She inspired me to start painting. She was a watercolour artist and she encouraged me to learn to paint.
“I still use the palette my grandma gave me to remember her and so I have a piece of her with me while I paint.”
When asked what the future holds for Faith and Clo, Chloe replies: “I am hoping to add more products like magnets, tea towels and aprons, and I would like to get my artwork printed onto fabric so I can sow products with my designer fabric.
“I just love spreading the joy and light of the Bible to support people through difficult experiences with my products.”

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