Where creativity is the inspiration

ONE of the motivating factors for Pierre when he opened Compleat Artist art supplies in March 2022, was the part creativity played in inspiring people during the lockdown periods, helping to keep spirits high.

The shop’s opening night was exciting for everyone.
“It was perfect and I had so much support from nearby residents and businesses,” he said.
“Atiqul Hoque put me in contact with many people and the Chapel gave me their champagne glasses.”
But selling art supplies is not the only planned activity.
“I always want to add brand new ranges while stocking English-made brands.
“I have also had more workshops than I expected due to popular demand.
“The first is the Teens Sketch Club on Wednesday evenings at the Sarum Studio in Cathedral Close. Eleven regulars come to this class and I have space for more. I provide all the materials and two hours of guidance for the fee.

“Another inspiring addition is the print room. This is equipped with lino cutters, etchers, and woodcutters so people can print their work and book the room privately.
“I have also set up workshops and clubs for this.”
But that’s just the start for Compleat Artist.
“We’re getting services up and running, such as custom canvas making, pigment grinding, homemade oil paint mediums, and much more.
“And I will soon apply for funding for art materials to donate to schools that don’t have them.”
The future looks bright for Pierre, with so many ideas and plans.
“Like any artist, every day I get new ideas. You never know what might pop up next.
“I’m passionate about what I’m doing here, and my priority is making all my ideas something everyone can enjoy.
“In February, I will be attending the huge Frankfurt Art Trade Show, where I hope to meet many other art supplies traders and increase the variety of my stock.
“I have learned much about how art materials are made and the science behind it.
“I plan to create my own line of handmade Compleat Artist branded products next year with everything I have learned.

“Above all, I love seeing people’s imaginations inflamed by art and how they improve their well-being throughout these challenging times.”
“I have many Christmas sets which give a taste of the variety of products I offer.
“These sets are designed to equip people with art supplies if they want to get into art fresh or back into it after a break.”

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