Wiltshire Council earns carbon literacy recognition

Wiltshire Council has successfully been accredited as a Bronze Carbon Literate organisation, which demonstrates it has been formally recognised for its commitment to educating and inspiring people about climate change.

The council has been bestowed this recognition by the Carbon Literacy Project and is a result of almost 60 members of staff completing carbon literacy training to help them become more energy efficient in their work and home lives.

As part of the training, each individual had to make a series of pledges to drive forward positive change and be ambassadors to support others.

The council will continue to offer carbon literacy training to its employees, but is also looking to roll it out wider and allow residents to participate.

To further demonstrate the council’s commitment to the climate cause, in a recent independent Corporate Peer Challenge, it was said in the final report that Wiltshire Council is excelling in work to address climate change.

The report stated, ‘The council’s work to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change is impressive, with many activities that would be considered exceptional in other organisations being seen very much as the “day job”.’

Cllr Nick Holder, Wiltshire Council cabinet member for environment and climate change, said: “Our efforts to inspire positive change in carbon reduction have been met with plenty of positive independent feedback and recognition recently.

“It’s heartening to know all our hard work is making a difference. Getting accredited as a Bronze Carbon Literate organisation means we are credible on the topic of carbon reduction and responding to the climate emergency.

“We will use this recognition to continue to support and inspire people to make real meaningful change. We’ve always said we can’t tackle this problem alone, so the more people that are aware of the situation we all face and what they can do to turn that around will really help.

“Our Business Plan and Climate Strategy continue to inform all our work in this area and are providing a strong foundation for what we’re achieving.”

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