Wiltshire Police stop £1m-worth of Mclaren supercars on A303

POLICE in Wiltshire stopped more than £1 million worth of supercars on the A303.

Traffic cops stopped the McLaren sports cars – which cost around £250,000 each – after they were seen driving at speeds in excess of 100mph.

Wiltshire Police’s Roads Policing Unit (RPU) posted about the stop on social media.

“RPU managed to get five McLarens stopped on the A303 after the pack were driving in excess of 100mph and close proximity driving to themselves and the public,” a spokesperson said.

And in response to comments from the public on the post, the force engaged in some light-hearted petrolhead posturing.

Asked by one user on X (formerly Twitter) how they managed to pull over five cars, they responded: “Well, they can only go a few miles before they have to pull over and take pictures of their cars…”

And when asked how a BMW – the unmarked vehicle the police were using – was able to catch the supercars, they said: “The classic 330d rep mobile, our fuel lasts longer.”

But not all those responding were happy with the officers’ work.

One said: “The war on motorists continues… Shame they don’t go after the real criminals in Parliament.”

To which the police replied: “Feel free to write to your local MP, drive safe.”

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