Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s Wild Isles locations revealed as spectacular new series explores British wildlife

Viewers of the BBC’s latest wildlife series, Wild Isles, will have marvelled at the footage of hobbies hunting dragonflies over Langford Lakes on Sunday, 2nd April.

The episode focused on freshwater habitats and the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve in south Wiltshire was shown at its best. It was the second Trust reserve to feature in the series, which is presented by Sir David Attenborough, following Clattinger Farm at the Lower Moor Farm nature reserve appearing in the opening episode.

Gary Mantle, chief executive of Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, said: “We are delighted that two of our fabulous nature reserves, Clattinger Farm and Langford Lakes, have been showcased in the BBC’s Wild Isles series. They are two of the finest examples of our county’s wild places, offering people the chance to have some unique experiences in nature.

“The Trust manages 43 nature reserves spread across Wiltshire and Swindon. They represent some of the finest examples of wildlife habitat to be found in Britain, where people can directly experience our rich natural world.

“We hope this series will inspire people to value and take action for nature at a time when the diversity and abundance of wildlife is in decline.

“Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and its supporters are working tirelessly to protect and restore our county’s precious wild places. We aim to double the land we manage for nature in Wiltshire by 2030, so that future generations can grow up able to enjoy more wildlife spectacles such as those captured in the series, like the hobbies soaring over Langford Lakes as they hunt dragonflies.”

Langford Lakes is an excellent place to see birds, all year round. In spring, it’s possible to catch sight of the famous courtship ritual of great-crested grebes as they dance and shake their heads at each other.

Reed warbler, waders and terns drop in on their summer migration, and as winter advances, shoveler and wigeon join the other ducks present all year round. White-tailed eagles can sometimes be seen and otters are regular visitors at this Wiltshire Wildlife Trust haven.

The BBC series, Wild Isles, presented by Sir David Attenborough, is available on BBC iPlayer.

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