Choral society joins forces to support BBC Singers

Members of Fordingbridge Choral Society took time out from their rehearsal recently to join with nearly 100 choirs from around the UK, Canada, USA and south east Asia to create a montage on social media in support of the BBC Singers.

The Singers have been face with the threat of closure after 99 years of performing and broadcasting, something that would be immensely detrimental to choral music.

Their efforts have recently led to a reappraisal of the decision by the BBC. Two million or more people in the UK sing in some form of choir each week and the BBC Singers are a beacon of excellence and inspiration to choirs everywhere.

Fordingbridge Choral Society perform regularly in the town and the local district. On 1 April, the society held its ‘Come and Sing Workshop’, which was open to anyone interested in trying out singing for the first time, or for those more experienced.

There were over 25 guests attending and it was a very enjoyable and rewarding afternoon. The next event is the mid-summer concert on 10 June. All details can be found at

Watch a Save the BBC Singers video here –

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