Drink-driver fell asleep at the wheel in middle of major Wiltshire route

A MAN found asleep behind the wheel of his running car – in the middle of a busy road – has been banned from driving.

Alinafe Mulenga, of Winterbourne Gunner, was found by police on the A338 – in patchy fog – at around 3am on July 28 this year.

It was later discovered he was over the drink-drive limit for alcohol and didn’t have a valid driving license or insurance.

“(Wiltshire Police officers) PC Evans and EO Homewood came across a vehicle which was static in the middle of the road with the lights turned on and engine running,” a police spokesperson said.

“PC Evans got out to investigate and saw that Alinafe Mulenga was in the driver’s seat asleep.

“When woken he up tried to start the car (although it was already running) to drive away.

“PC Evans took hold of the keys and Mulenga exited the car and started to run away before he was detained.”

When breathalysed, Mulenga returned a positive test for alcohol. He was arrested and taken into custody at Swindon.

On August 25, Mulenga pleaded guilty to:
• driving a motor vehicle with alcohol level above the legal limit
• using a motor vehicle on a road /public place without third party insurance
• driving a motor vehicle otherwise than in accordance with a licence

The 32-year-old was banned from driving for 40 months with an 18-month community order.

After the sentencing, PC Evans said: “Unfortunately finding drink drivers isn’t uncommon, but finding one asleep the middle of the road with the engine and lights running is.

“At that time of the morning on the A338, with patchy fog, he could have caused a serious crash.

“The fact that Alinafe Mulenga didn’t have a license or insurance makes this especially concerning.

“Drink driving is one of the main five causes of serious injury or deaths on our roads. If you suspect a driver is driving over the limit, please report ASAP.”

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