Farmers asked for opinions on how to get trade moving post-Brexit

Farmers and those working in the agricultural industries will have the chance to tell the government of the main challenges they face when it comes to trade in the post-Brexit landscape thanks to a consultation launched by the UK Trade and Business Commission.
Since launching in April 2021, the UK Trade and Business Commission has scrutinised the UK government’s new trade agreements and their impact on the UK economy, businesses and people.
Having found that post-Brexit trade agreements have not delivered significant benefits for UK businesses, improvements to living standards or opportunities for the UK public, the UK Trade and Business Commission is developing a blueprint for how the UK should be negotiating trade deals to boost economic growth and deliver a better future for the UK.

The commission is seeking opinions from a number of sectors, including farming and agriculture. The post-Brexit UK economy has shrunk, with GDP as much as 5.5% lower than before the split with the European Union.
The number of seasonal workers that many industries rely is estimated to have fallen by 330,000.
Submissions from the farming sector will be used to inform the UK Trade and Business Commission’s blueprint for how modern trade should be carried out for the benefit of the UK economy, businesses and the public.
To submit evidence and take part in the consultation, visit the consultation portal via The deadline for submitting evidence is 23:59 on Friday, 17th March, but participants are being encouraged to submit as early as possible to give the commissioners time to consider all of the evidence.

Hilary Benn MP, co-convener of the UK Trade and Business Commission, said: “This consultation will enable the day-to-day experience of British firms to influence proposals for a new trading relationship. We are looking not only for answers to immediate problems but also ideas for future trade agreements which can create opportunities for both established and new British export businesses.”

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