‘Former PCSO would have been sacked after drink-driving in police car’

A FORMER Wiltshire PCSO who was convicted of drink-driving in a police car would have been dismissed had he not resigned, a misconduct hearing has concluded.

Neil Turnbull, who resigned from his role within Wiltshire Police in August, was sentenced in court in August 15 after he pleaded guilty to driving a police car under the influence of excess alcohol in Salisbury in March.

Turnball was banned from driving for 12 months after pleading guilty to drink-driving.

His offence was identified by officers and he was immediately suspended from the force.

Once the criminal proceedings had taken place, a gross misconduct investigation resumed and a hearing was held this week which concluded that Mr Turnbull’s actions amounted to gross misconduct and had he not resigned, he would have been immediately dismissed.

Mr Turnbull will now be added to the College of Policing Barred Advisory List.

Detective Inspector Adam Leakey said: “Clearly, the actions of Mr Turnbull fly in the face of the standards the public rightly expect from us.

“As a direct result of his actions, he could have posed a significant risk to the public, his colleagues and himself.

“A gross misconduct investigation has now taken place which confirmed Mr Turnbull’s actions amounted to gross misconduct and he has been added to the College Barred List which means he will never be able to pursue a career in policing again.”

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