Police set to use drones and CCTV at Wiltshire car meet

CCTV and drones will be dispersed by police at a car meet set to take place in Wiltshire this weekend.

Wiltshire Police has warned car lovers planning to gather in the county bad behaviour “will not be tolerated” after incidents at other events.

“We are aware of plans for a potential car meet due to take place in Wiltshire this weekend and we are putting plans in place to be able to respond appropriately,” a spokesperson said.

“We understand the vast majority of those people who attend these events do so to engage with other like-minded car enthusiasts and we do not intend on preventing these individuals from meeting in a safe environment.

“However, recent events of this nature have involved a number of individuals acting in an anti-social manner, with a collision reported at one and a number of police cars damaged.

“This behaviour will not be tolerated.”

They said officers would be using CCTV and drones to police the event, and urged drivers to adhere to the rules of the road.

“We will be working closely with the local authorities to ensure we have appropriate plans and mitigations in place to help keep the public safe, and we will be using a range of tactics including the use of CCTV and drones,” the spokesperson added.

“We would urge those taking part to adhere to road traffic laws and we will take action against anyone found to be breaching these laws.

“As always, we will be closely monitoring any gatherings in the county and would urge members of the public to report any concerns to us immediately.”

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