Gazette’s £250 boost for food bank

THIS time of year is among the busiest at food banks up and down the country.
And Salisbury is no exception, with volunteers and staff at the charity working hard to make sure everyone enjoys a fun festive period.

As the cost-of-living crisis continues, demand at food banks and other charities is rapidly growing.
And in a bid to help, your Gazette decided to issue a further £250 giveaway, this time to help those in need in Salisbury and the surrounding area.
We handed the cash to the food bank in Salisbury as they were continuing to prepare for a series of Christmas event and the busiest time of year.
“It has been crazy in recent months,” said manager, Maria Stevenson.
“We are incredibly fortunate to have so much support in the community, but we really need it at the moment, to continue giving.
“This donation is much appreciated and will really help. Thank you so much.”

For more details on the Salisbury Food Bank, and how you can get involved, log on to

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