Put your questions to council leader at Salisbury event

THE people if Salisbury will be able to put questions directly to the leader of Wiltshire Council at an event this month.

On May 17, Cllr Richard Clewer (Conservative, Downton & Ebble Valley) will be in the Wyndham Room at Bourne Hill to help people find out more about the council and its plans, as well as putting questions directly.

Running from 6pm to 7.30pm, the gathering is part of a series of community events aimed at being convenient for people to get to.

People are encouraged to ask any questions about the council, its objectives and priorities, and the challenges ahead.

Cllr Clewer said: “I would encourage residents to come along to ask me any questions and find out more about the work we are doing.

“These events are a great way to ensure our priorities reflect those of local communities.

“If you can’t make the event but would still like to ask a question, you can submit it in advance to”


  1. LESLEE Reply

    Why are Wiltshire Council not maintaining our roads in Salisbury to keep them safe & usable for the people of Salisbury
    Our roads are a disgrace with potholes and lack of drainage our the infrastructure can not cope with the extra volume of traffic these new Housing Estates produce
    Our ring roads are not working now with this extra volume of traffic which is now coming into our City

  2. Leslee Reply

    When will the drinking ban be reinstated in Salisbury Town centre to get rid of the crime related issues happening on our streets in Salisbury City Centre
    When will the drug house / dry house be moved out of the town centre and relocated outside to take all the addicts out of the Town centre & stop them being such menace on our streets in our supermarkets & in our Carparks

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