Masks no longer required at Salisbury hospital as Covid cases fall

VISITORS to Salisbury District Hospital no longer have to wear facemasks.

Effective from today (Thursday, May 4), rules have been changed, meaning people are not required to wear masks, unless they choose to do so.

The changes have been made in line with national guidance on the mandated use of face masks in healthcare settings and reducing numbers of Covid-19 positive cases, the hospital said.

However, to continue to protect those who are most vulnerable and at high-risk, they ask that the wearing of face masks continues where immuno-compromised patients are treated, for example in oncology, haematology, and chemotherapy departments.

A hospital spokesperson said: “It remains a priority to help to keep each other, our patients, and our community safe and in order to continue to protect those who are vulnerable and of high-risk, the following guidance must be followed:

“Visitors who are presenting with respiratory / COVID-19 symptoms, are on a respiratory pathway, or are immuno-compromised, should wear a face mask if this can be tolerated and deemed safe.

“Visitors may be asked to wear a face mask for specific reasons including in our ‘high-risk’ clinical areas, such as the respiratory department and intensive care unit or due to individual circumstances.

“Vulnerable and high-risk patients and visitors can ask staff members to wear a face mask, and these will continue to be available to those who choose to wear one.

“All visitors should continue to sanitise their hands on entering and leaving the hospital and ward or department.”

Stacey Hunter, CEO at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, said: “I am delighted that we are now able to remove the use of face masks across most of the hospital.

“However, many people will continue to choose to wear a face mask as their personal preference and this decision will be fully supported by the Trust.”

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