Salisbury households reminded to upgrade phone lines – before April 2023

HOUSEHOLDS in Salisbury are being reminded they need to have a digital phone line installed by April next year.

Older analogue telephone and broadband lines are being replaced across the country, with the rollout of a new digital network set to begin next year.

Salisbury is one of the first areas in the country to switch to the new phone lines and residents will need to upgrade by April 2023, if they haven’t already.

Wiltshire Council said customers should speak to their telephone and broadband provider, which will help them understand how to upgrade if needed.

It’s particularly important that people let vulnerable friends and family know the change is coming, said Cllr Ashley O’Neill, cabinet member for broadband.

“This is an important change for Salisbury because it will affect people’s telephone landline services and anything that is connected to their landline,” Cllr O’Neill said.

“This isn’t being run or managed by Wiltshire Council, but we think it is important to let our communities know that it is happening.

“Vulnerable people will be among the most affected by this switch, and they could also be the target of potential scams, so it is vital they know about the change and that they need to speak to their telephone or broadband provider.

“They should ignore any other letters or phone calls about the switch as they could potentially be a scam, with some people sadly all too willing to take advantage of certain circumstances.”

The switchover is part of the national switch-off of BT’s Public Telephone Switched Network (PTSN).

Salisbury was the first city in the UK to have complete access to Openreach’s new ultrafast Full Fibre network.

The whole of the UK will be part of the programme to move away from older technologies by December 2025.

People can also find out more at and to help people understand more about the project, BT is hosting a roadshow and drop-in event in Salisbury on Wednesday, December 14, at the Guildhall, from 9am to 5pm.


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