Schools sign up to litter campaign in bid to keep Wiltshire tidy

DOZENS of Wiltshire schools have signed up to take part in community litter picks to reduce rubbish on county streets.

More than 30 have signed up to Wiltshire Council’s Don’t Mess with Wiltshire campaign, focuses on littering in towns and parishes, plus litter hotspots such as laybys and on main roads such as the A36 and A303.

Schools were encouraged to sign up for the Great Big School Clean and organise litter collections with pupils.

Those taking part will be given a school litter pick kit, containing children’s litter pickers, hi-vis vests and gloves.

Cllr Caroline Thomas, cabinet member for transport, Street Scene and flooding, said: “We currently spend more than £2 million per year cleaning up litter across Wiltshire, particularly in rural areas and roadsides.

“Our new Don’t Mess with Wiltshire campaign is as much about educating the public to dispose of their litter responsibly, as it is cleaning up the litter hotspots or prosecuting those found to be littering.

“Encouraging our children to take part in looking after their local environment is a great way to get the message across from an early age.

“We will continue to carry out regular litter collections on the county’s rural roads and verges, as well as the A36 and A303, but we also want continue to encourage others who wish to get involved and do their bit to improve their local landscapes to take part in or organise community litter picks.”

Litter picking could take place as part of a daily walk or as part of a larger community clean up group. If we can encourage more people to help us in the fight against litter, we can spend money on other essential services instead.

Schools can still sign up for the Great Big School Clean. Those wishing to do so, or people looking for more information or support with a community litter pick, should contact the Street Scene community engagement manager by email to

To report litter hotspots or find out more about the campaign and how to get involved, visit

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