Talented artists portray a connected worldview for evoking memories

Fisherton Mill welcomes four talented artists to its main gallery this summer. All four share a flair for colour and an eclectic mix of landscape, portraiture, still life and abstract work. Art is essentially about connection.

The artist connects with the subject: the viewer connects with the painting, and thus with the artist. Memories or associations may be evoked.

The last few years have shown the need for art as a way to escape our physical separation. And these four artists, with their different styles and genres, offer a wide world with which to connect.

Inspired by an early life spent among the gritstone crags and rugged moorland of Yorkshire, Amanda Fowler combines a lifelong passion for wild landscapes with a love of colour to produce paintings that are vibrant interpretations of the countryside around her.

Helen Menges has been painting portraits for more than 40 years, embracing this way of combining her love of oil paint and people. The sittings allow her to look further than skin deep and unearth qualities that are then brought out in the painting.

Jenny Monds creates many-layered works on wooden panels, using acrylic and mixed media. She enjoys using a wide variety of tools to create a richly textured surface to her paintings. Some of her paintings are purely abstract, others have an element of realism – a flower, a bowl, a beaker – but the interest for her is as much with what lies around, behind and beneath the objects as with the objects themselves.

Lesley Walker is a Scottish painter working in Hampshire. Elements from a previous career in music education are integral to her practice: her oil paintings have a strong underlying rhythm; serendipity and ambiguity drive their narrative.

Connected runs from Saturday, 1st July until Saturday, 29th July 2023. The gallery is open Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm; Saturday, 9.30am to 5.30pm. Admission is free.

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