Ten thousand buns a year proof of popularity at market bakery stall

Salisbury has a thriving market and one of the most popular bread stalls is Pano Bakehouse. Owner, Reece Abbott started Pano in August 2021 after realising there was no fresh bread available for Salisbury residents in the city’s supermarkets.

“I enjoy baking because it is the perfect meeting point of logic and creativity,” explains Reece. “Baking is the perfect balance of tweaking recipes and methods. When someone eats a bun in front of you and says, “that’s amazing”, the instant reward is the most fulfilling thing I’ve felt professionally.

“If I ever had to miss a market day I’d lose sleep as I love baking and serving my regulars. I have lived all over the world, but I love Salisbury the most because it is a city with everything you could need, but it feels more like a big town because there is a strong sense of community.

So what exactly does Pano Bakehouse bake for the market? “I make sourdough loaves, Swedish buns with cinnamon, all year round, cardamom and lemon buns in the summer, pistachio in Christmas: they are seasonal. I also make French pastries, like almond croissants and pain au chocolat.

“The Swedish buns are the most popular: I have made 10,000 over the last 12 months. Everything I make is completely vegan. I try to be as progressive as possible and be environmentally friendly and feed as many people with the smallest amount of ingredients to cut my carbon footprint.

“We recently scaled up and with a business like this you have to grow, you have no choice. If you sell all your bread and you run out you have to get up earlier the next day. I have recently moved units to a larger one and during this time I also had to continue baking and going to market.”

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