Volunteer numbers soar at Centre

As part of the national Big Help Out, Amesbury History Centre hosted its first volunteer open day. After what was described as a fantastic turnout, the centre signed up 40 people to become volunteers.

“Volunteers are needed to make Amesbury History Centre a success, so seeing such a level of public support and interest was humbling,” said Mark Verbinnen.

“We also hosted a networking breakfast in collaboration with the Stonehenge Chamber of Trade. We were pleased that many in the local business community are excited to support the new History Centre moving forward.

“We are still calling for volunteers, and if anyone is interested in getting in touch, then please do so via

“Of course, work continues as we race towards a soon-to-be-announced open date, with lots of work going on in the background and on-site activity.” or 01980753016

A tour of the new building is available on request.

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