Clearway Pets expands in former gallery space as business booms

Words and photo by Tristan Ovington

Clearway Pets on Winchester Street is expanding into the space previously occupied by Gallery 21.
Directors Emily Adamson, 24 and Michael Adamson, 28, gave the low down on the expansion and how it will help the Winchester Street retail community thrive.

“Customers are still seeking the best for their pets,” explains Michael, “and general knowledge of what is best for their pets seems to be getting better and better, meaning people are looking for the best quality and most healthy options, and of course the best value.

“In the two years that we have been open, we have been adding more and more ranges and have finally hit full capacity and physically cannot fit anything further in the store, we do not want to stop bringing in new products, so we simply need to expand.”

But the expansion hasn’t been without hurdles to overcome. “The biggest challenge I think we will face is integrating the extension with the current theme of the shop, as we love our more boutique look and wouldn’t want to lose that aesthetic.”

So, what will Clearway now be able to offer that they couldn’t before?

“We will be able to provide a much wider range of products, including an enormous range of beds for all budgets, we will also be expanding our collar, lead, coat and harness selections and will even have a secure fitting room so our customers’ dogs can be relaxed and safe while trying new products.

“We also intend to make our selection for cats far greater, and have more interactive sections for products so that our customers can see, feel and try products out.

“We have some exciting new brands coming, including William Morris, George Barclay Beds, Julius K9 and many more. Not to mention our biggest ever range of Joules products.”

There seems to be a really good energy around the extension and it is important to point out that Gallery 21 is not closing, it is located in a beautiful showroom next to wildwood. Clearway Pets is simply merging into their old unit.

“We would love to hear any suggestions from our customers about what they would like to see brought into the store, as we will have plenty of space to accommodate new products.”

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