Healthy drinks to help you start the year refreshed

You might have over-indulged, whether on food or drink or just good times, so what better way to get yourself back in the groove than a healthy drink.
Adding cucumber or mint, or both, to any drink makes it instantly more refreshing. You’ll also benefit from some added nutrients and antioxidants, vitamin A and K in cucumbers case, which benefits your skin and muscles, for a start.
Mint is well-known for its digestive benefits.
You can simply add cucumber slices and mint leaves to a glass of water. Or you can add them to a jug of water and leave them to do their thing for a while.
You can take this basic drink up a notch by using sparkling water, or if you aren’t so fixated on health, they are good additions to lemonade.
The website has a recipe for cucumber juice, which adds apple for sweetness. You’ll need two large cucumbers, peeled, seeded and chopped. A small Granny Smith apple, peeled and chopped, a cup of pure unsweetened coconut water and ice cubes for serving.
Blend the cucumber, apple and coconut water until smooth. Strain through a fine mesh into a jug. Fill two glasses with ice and divide the juice between the two. Simple, delicious and healthy.

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