5G upgrade plan for Salisbury train station mobile phone mast

PLANS have been submitted for a 5G mobile phone mast on land at Salisbury train station.

Infrastructure firm Cornerstone has applied to Wiltshire Council for permission to update the current technology on land at Churchfields Road.

The upgrade would see a 17.5m-tall mast replaced with a mast measuring 20.1m in order to ‘maintain and improve 2G, 3G and 4G network coverage while also providing new 5G connectivity and services with the Salisbury station area’, the application said

It said the changes would benefit ‘all those customers that live, work and travel there’.

Cornerstone has submitted the plans in a bid to establish if it needs fresh planning permission to upgrade the site.

“The intention is for the proposed base station to provide new and improved network services to those living, working and travelling in the local area,” it said.

The plan says parts of the mast would be obscured by advertising hoardings, while trees would also provide some ‘natural screening’.

For more information on the scheme, log on to and search for application reference PL/2023/06707.

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  1. Lucy Reply

    I would like to suggest they survey the area for a better location as at the moment the phone signal the other side of the old Sarum hill where they have built two huge housing estate is absolutely useless on all networks so it would make more sense to put the mast the other side of old Sarum
    Currently the phone mast is on the Rugby pitch in the dip which is useless.
    When buying a house for £400k you expect to have the basics of great phone signal and great water pressure unfortunately both services are useless as both blue chip companies have not invested in updating their products ie water broad pipelines are too small for the volume of houses they service and the phone companies don’t want to pay for another mast in old sarum

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