UK’s favourite toppings revealed ahead of National Pizza Week

TOMORROW sees National Pizza Week get underway – and our favourite toppings have been revealed.

The week-long event, which runs from November 20 to 26, is organised by the Pizza, Pasta & Italian Food Association.

As part of the event, a nationwide poll reveals Brits have a taste for top-notch pizza toppings.

The survey, by ingredients firm Cooks&Co, reveals on average, pizza-loving Brits embellish their pizzas with just under three distinct toppings on average.

However, some 2.7 million fans of pizza take culinary creativity to new heights by piling on an impressive six or more toppings.

The art of pizza customization isn’t just reserved for home-made pizzas either, with nearly half (47%) of Brits admitting to pimping up their shop-bought pizzas with extra toppings.

Nearly a fifth (19%) admit to going one step further and stripping away toppings from store-bought pizzas and replacing them with their own favourites.

The 25-34 age group takes the reins in this picky topping transformation, with a third (33%) of them doing it.

What toppings do you pop on your pizzas?

What toppings do you pop on your pizzas?

Northern Ireland residents proudly claim the title of champions in the customization arena, with a quarter (25%) confessing to taking part in this flavourful makeover.

The top five toppings include extra cheese, shredded or chopped chicken, pepperoni, onions, and mushrooms.

Conversely, the list of least-liked toppings comprises figs, jackfruit, aubergine, broccoli, artichoke, and seafood.

The ever-controversial pineapple is a topic of fierce debate, with nearly half (48%) embracing its sweet tang, just over two in five (43%) staunchly refusing it, and one in 12 (9%) remaining undecided.

Each year, the UK spends £5 billion on pizzas. While 80% of these are typically purchased from restaurants and takeaways, the landscape is evolving, with shoppers showing a growing appetite for homemade pizzas and shop-bought alternatives that can be personalised and enjoyed in their own home.

Katie Atkin, brand manager at Cooks&Co, said: “In Britain, we are a nation of pizza lovers who value quality ingredients and enjoy experimenting with different toppings and flavours.

“The findings shed light on the ever-evolving world of pizza, where customisation knows no bounds, and the quest for the perfect slice is a culinary adventure.”

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